Ceilings, Floors, Partitioning
& Material Handling Systems

At Macfit Equipment we have over 20 years experience fitting ceilings,partitions, suspended ceilings, office partitioning, mezzanine floors and supplying material handling systems.

Macfit Equipment Ltd, was founded in 1992, essentially to supply a wide range of Material Handling Equipment and to specialise in the distribution of Mezzanine floors, Partitions / Partitioning (for offices, warehouses etc – both single and double skinned), Ceilings, Racking and Shelving.

In 1994, Macfit introduced a full colour catalogue showing our full range of complimentary industrial and storage solution products.

Our aim is to provide and efficient and personal service to you, the customer, as demonstrated with the various installations we have successfully carried out for all our long standing customers over many years.

Ceilings & Suspended Ceilings

Partitioning & Office Partitions

Mezzanine Floors

Material Handling Systems

Racking & Shelving

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For more information on ceilings, flooring, partitioning, material handling systems, or racking & shelving (including pallet racking) and to discuss how we can help you, please call 0121 360 2369